Since you are all familiar with the death of Brightstar, it is my duty to travel to the Moonpool to receive my nine lives to lead this Clan by. May you all be safe until I return.
Dimstar to the cats of ShadowClan in Dimstar's Past

Dimstar is a large, pale golden tom with blue eyes, three scars on the left side of his face, and a shredded ear.


Episode One:Edit

       Dimkit is seen in the nursery, sleeping with his mother, Whitepetal. Dimkit is seen having a nightmare, being tackled by an unknown cat. After he wakes up sreaming, Whitepetal comforts him, telling him that his nightmare was possibly caused by exitment, since tomorrow was his apprentice ceremony. The next morning, Brightstar, the ShadowClan leader, appoints Dimkit as an apprentice, with the name  Dimpaw, and made Cleardrop his mentor. When Dimpaw decides to go meet the other apprentices, he shouts out "Hello! I'm Dimpaw!" Though they aren't mentoined by name, three appentices, Chestnutpaw, Blackpaw and Whitepaw, start to make fun of Dimpaw. After Dimpaw runs out of the den, he hears Chestnutpaw mutter that it will be a long six moons for them. Dimpaw is then seen being taught how to hunt a mouse with his mentor, Cleardrop. He leaps for his first mouse, but misses it. A new apprentice, Scarletpaw, is seen coming up to them, but tells them she has to go back to camp. She also tells the names of Chestnutpaw, Blackpaw, and Whitepaw. Dimpaw remembers  his mother telling him to ignore what other cats think, and hopes that Chestnutpaw will learn to respect him.

Episode Two:Edit

Dimpaw goes to the fresh-kill pile to have a mouse, but Chestnutpaw takes the mouse from him. Dimpaw snaps at Chestnutpaw, reminding him that he had already had his share of prey. Chestnutpaw tells Dimpaw that runts like him don't need to eat as much as cats like him, even though the mouse is for Scarletpaw. After Chestnutpaw runs off, Whitepaw and Blackpaw offer their left-overs to Dimpaw, but after Dimpaw replies excitedly, they throw a mouse's tail at Dimpaw's head. Scarletpaw arrives but says that she has to leave, since Chestnutpaw has called her over. She tells Dimpaw that he should get to know Chestnutpaw, since he's really kind to her. Dimpaw later then sneeks off to spy on Scarletpaw and Chestnutpaw. Chestnutpaw is seen giving the mouse he stole from Dimpaw to Scarletpaw. Chestnutpaw then asks what Scarletpaw thinks of Dimpaw, and calls him Dimwit when Scarletpaw mentions his name. Dimpaw is then remembering how Whitepetal told him to ignore what others think of him, but thinking that he can't when Chestnutpaw treats him like this.

Episode Three:Edit

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  • Was given a second life from Soulstealer.
  • He was only given 7 lives, since he had been given a second chance by Soulstealer
  • He often has random bouts of insanity, and his left eye will receive a red ring around its pupil due to this.
  • He has mistakenly been shown as a yellow tom on many occassions
  • He is voiced by Subsonicfire



Unknown Tom


"That's what I thought. Good-bye- but this time, forever."
Dimstar to Chestnutfall Dimstar's Past, page 6.41