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Dimstar's Past is a fan series for the #1 bestselling series, Warriors. It is written and animated by Urnam7, who owns all of the characters and the plot line.


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The plotlineEdit

The main character in this series is Dimstar. Other important characters are Scarletpelt, Chestnutfall, and Brightstar. In the begining of the story, Dimstar is a kit. Throughout the story, Dimkit/paw/light is tormented by Chestnutfall. When he is a warrior, Dimlight is ambushed by Chestnutfall. Chestnutfall succeeds in killing Dimlight, but Dimlight is given a second life. When he comes back to life, Dimlight seeks revenge and kills Chestnutfall. Chestnutfall soon returns after Dimlight reveals how he got his scars, and he turns Scarletpelt to stone.  Scarletpelt falls off a small cliff though, and the stone cracks, releasing her. Moons pass, and Dimlight becomes leader. Chestnutfall returns, promissing an end to ShadowClan. Dimstar and Scarletpelt drive him off for the final time.


  • Urnam7 has thought about making a sequel.
    • Urnam decided against it, stating, "I WILL NOT BE MAKING A SEQUEL."

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